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What forms of payment are accepted?2024-03-08T16:00:15-06:00

Cash is preferred. A processing fee will be added to Credit & Debit Cards, Square, PayPal transactions. Insurance is NOT accepted as these specialized sessions/procedures are not covered by U.S. insurance policies.

What Happens if I cannot make my scheduled appointment or miss an appointment (i.e. NO SHOW)?2024-03-08T16:00:14-06:00

You must cancel within a 24-hour period prior to your appointment. Typically, a 24-hour reminder is sent and canceling should be considered at that time. A cancellation fee of 50% of the appointment can be charged depending upon the circumstances. Rescheduling is the responsibility of the scheduler. Repetitive no shows can result in the forfeiture of treatment or payment in full upfront (as it is not acceptable behavior nor beneficial to your progress and results). This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and up to Crimson Cre8ive.

What are your policies?2024-03-08T16:00:13-06:00


We are glad you connected with us and we will ensure we do everything possible to protect the information you provide. Crimson Cre8ive is cautious, confidential and careful with ANY information provided on this website. We respect the privacy of our users and strictly maintain it. ANY information shared with us is NOT shared with others. Period. We highly respect your information whether it be through this website, email newsletters, social media or any payment gateways. Every piece of information remains confidential and secured.

How Secure are my Payment Details on this Website?
This website has a SSL Certificate which ensures all your transactions or communications with us remain secure.

How Confidential is my Personal Information or Private Responses Shared with Crimson Cre8ive?
Your Personal Information i.e. your email address or phone number is completely safe and secure. We do not share it with any third-party services or apps. Any quizzes or tests you take on our website are absolutely confidential and are only shared in house with the Therapist. Nothing is shared with anyone else internally within the organization or externally with any other services or companies.

Purposes Crimson Cre8ive Gathers Information:

Any information we request from you, helps the Therapist understand and treat you by personalizing the therapy or counseling program accordingly. Any additional personal information that is gathered is only used for official communications. We may use the personal information to share helpful newsletters or important updates regarding the therapy sessions through your personal email/SMS.

Are Cookies used on this website?
As is true of most websites, this website collects certain information automatically and stores it in log files. Sometimes information about website visitors is collected during their visits to this website to help us provide better customer service, to improve the quality of website experiences or to deploy advertising. Please check with your web browser privacy settings to disable cookies on this website if you prefer to browse our website without cookies.

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