Therapeutic Energy Salt Scrubs


Compare in consistency and quality to other high-end salt scrubs such as: Aveda, Elemis and Origins.

Select from 7 types of therapeutic salt scrubs below.

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Therapeutic Energy Salt Scrub

A 1 lb glass flip-top, wide-mouth jar with rubber sealing gasket.
Common to ALL mixtures: Natural European Sea Salts*, rich shea butter with a mixture of proprietary natural essential and botanical oils. *NaCl + natural trace minerals

Product Features (FREE for a limited time during Product Launch)

Along with the actual Salt Scrub product being scientifically tested for Bio Geometric Energy Properties, you will use another unique energetic feature: The Golden Mesh Bag with the Copper-wired Gold-coated Quartz!

Purpose + Instruction of the Golden Mesh Bag:

  • Holds an egg-sized, hand-scooped quantity of scrub.
  • Use this Golden Mesh Bag containing product to scrub your energy centers/chakras or any ailment (except open wounds, eyes, privates, should not be eaten).
  • Use circular motions over each body area. Preferably clockwise motions (This creates an Energy Key).
  • Using the Golden Mesh Bag avoids waste of product slipping through your fingers, ending up on the shower floor.

Purpose + Instruction of the Copper-wired, Gold-coated clear Quartz/gem (Ethically sourced + each uniquely wired by hand):

  • This serves as a “battery charger” for your scrub!
  • 24 hours before use of your scrub: Efficacy of product is increased ~30% by inserting this gem vertically upright into the center of the scrub.
  • After you are finished with your shower: place this gem back into the Golden Mesh Bag to avoid the copper from oxidizing in the salts.
  • After you have emptied the product container: Wearing this on your body (necklace or pocket) helps raise your personal vibration until your Energy Session or next Therapeutic Energy Salt Scrub purchase!

How often should I consider using these Therapeutic Energy Salt Scrubs?

  • To maintain your Energy Session results: Once every 2 weeks/ in between Energy Sessions.
  • To shift your energy WITHOUT an Energy Session (In Studio or Remote Telehealth): depending upon the severity of your ailments, this could initially range from every day to twice a week to become more balanced/stable. The goal would be to cleanse, balance and maintain your higher vibration.

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