Grounding: The Natural Universal Anti-inflammatory

Grounding: The Natural Universal Anti-inflammatory
By Diane K. Wilson

Grounding or earthing is a powerful yet often overlooked remedy for modern ailments. It holds immense potential in combating inflammation and promoting overall health.

Significance of Grounding:
Grounding is crucial in preventing inflammatory illnesses, yet it remains underappreciated in the scientific community. Real-life testimonials and published data validate the profound impact of grounding on human health.
Understanding Inflammation:

  • Inflammation, the root cause of most diseases, poses significant challenges to healthcare professionals.
  • Chronic inflammation, often unnoticed, weakens the immune system and compromises overall health.

Grounding & Its Mechanisms:

  • Grounding involves direct contact with the Earth’s electric charge, including its electrons and Schumann resonances.
  • The Earth’s surface is abundant in free electrons, which, when conducted to the human body, induce favorable physiological changes.

Grounding & Covid-19:

  • Studies show grounding’s potential in alleviating symptoms and complications.
  • Observational studies highlight grounding’s preventative and curative aspects in treating Covid-19 patients.

Non-Communicable Diseases:

  • Grounding holds promise in managing diseases like cardiovascular issues, diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Age-related immune decline and oxidative stress contribute to the prevalence of such diseases.

Modern Life & Disconnect:

  • Modern lifestyles, including footwear choices, have disconnected humans from the Earth’s natural energies.
  • The rise in inflammatory diseases may correlate with the loss of natural conductivity to the Earth.

Clinical Evidence & Benefits:

  • Grounding studies demonstrate reduced inflammation, improved sleep, accelerated wound healing and enhanced blood flow.
  • Grounding supports cellular restoration, energy production and mitigates oxidative stress, contributing to overall well-being.

•Grounding is a natural, evidence-based prevention or intervention to improve your quality of life by reconnecting with the Earth’s healing energies.

Grounding is only just one form of energy therapy. Many other energy therapies can produce very beneficial results in the physical and ethereal body. Contact me for an energy session, program or product to help with your transformation to life your BEST life! Together we can succeed!

Diane K. Wilson • Energy Therapies

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