Product Launch: Energy Therapy Body Scrubs

Product Launch: Energy Therapy Body Scrubs

Product Launch: Energy Therapy Body Scrubs
Experience a Difference!
By Diane K. Wilson. Published in The Healthy Planet October 2023 edition

After much long work, I am proud to announce my launch of a new line of Crimson Cre8ive Energy Therapy Body Scrubs. I have been diligently working and testing combinations that will actually result in energy & frequency transformation. These are not your typical salt scrubs: Not only are they a combination of beneficial ingredients, they also contain a unique copper wired quartz, increasing energy results. They may surprise you!

The Science Behind Salt Scrubs:
These scrubs are typically made from natural salts like Himalayan pink salt or Epsom salt, combined with nourishing oils and often infused with fragrant essential oils. The abrasive texture of salt exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and promoting circulation. Meanwhile, the minerals in the salt are absorbed through the skin, delivering therapeutic benefits to the body.

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing:
Chakras are energy centers in the body, each associated with different aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. There are seven primary chakras, from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head. There are several additional chakras that exist and are detectable above and below these seven. When chakras are in balance, energy flows freely, leading to a sense of vitality and inner harmony.

Salt Scrub Alchemy:
How do salt scrubs play a role in chakra cleansing and balancing? The answer lies in the holistic properties of salt and the intention with which they are used. As you gently massage a salt scrub onto your skin, you’re not just exfoliating; you’re also creating a profound connection with your body’s energy centers.

Each chakra resonates with a specific color and frequency. By using the right type of salt and infusing your scrub with ingredients corresponding to each chakra, you can clean, balance and help recharge.

In conclusion, salt scrubs offer more than just radiant skin; they provide a conduit to cleanse and improve your energy. By incorporating this ritual into your self-care routine, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery, inner peace, and holistic well-being. So, let me help you indulge in the magic of salt scrubs and watch as your inner energy blossoms into a harmonious symphony of vitality and balance.

Contact me for more info and discount code: Launch20HP
Diane K. Wilson • Crimson Cre8ive Energy Therapies

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