The DOWNS & UPs of Vibration & Health

The DOWNS & UPs of Vibration & Health
By Diane K. Wilson

With awareness and intentional choices, it’s possible to maintain high resonance to avoid negative energies from manifesting into physical form. Make it a goal to transform your life into a light & happy experience!

  1. Food: Heavy, greasy foods, meat, dairy & processed foods drain energy, leading to fatigue and illness. Opt for fresh foods. Hydrate with water.
  2. Toxins: Found in food, air, and products, toxins strain both health & energy. Choose pure, organic options whenever possible to reduce this burden.
  3. Music: Harmonious music uplifts energy, while negative lyrics or disorganized rhythms disrupt it. Select uplifting tunes with beautiful harmonies.
  4. Clothing: Uncomfortable synthetic fabrics & items linked to negative experiences lower vibrations. Maintain a wardrobe of items that uplift & avoid those that bring negativity.
  5. Fear: Fear weighs down energy, but laughter & positivity can counteract it. Focus on positive aspects.
  6. Environment: Places with heavy pasts or negative energy impact mood. Seek light & fresh air plus avoid negative environments when possible.
  7. Judgment: Criticism & judgment stem from negativity plus harm both the giver & receiver. Practice acceptance & forgiveness rather than criticism.
  8. Media: Negative media influences perception & psyche. Seek uplifting content to maintain a positive outlook.
  9. Lack of physical movement:
    Sedentary lifestyles lead to stagnation & ailments. Incorporate daily movement to keep energy flowing.
  10. Cleanliness: Physical & mental hygiene affects personal vibration & spiritual well-being. Bathe/Shower to maintain a clear energy field.

High VibrationAL hacks!:
Keep it High & Light: Counteract negativity by focusing on positive experiences. Surround yourself with uplifting music, inspiring reading material & supportive people.
Personal Discipline: Engage in daily practices like yoga or meditation to maintain a positive mindset.
Help Others: Supporting others can uplift your own energy & spirit.
Hobbies: Pursue hobbies that bring peace, smiles & joyful laughter.
Clean Environment: A tidy home contributes to positive frequencies. Donate unused items.
Exploration: Follow your curiosity & explore new experiences.
Self-Love: Embrace yourself & live your life to the fullest.

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