Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring is a time of renewal, a chance to shake off the heaviness of winter and embrace the fresh opportunities that lie ahead. But while we often focus on cleaning out our closets and scrubbing our homes top to bottom, it’s equally important to consider the energy we carry within and around ourselves. Just like we declutter our physical spaces, it’s time to spring clean our energy and raise our personal frequency to new heights!


  • Declutter and organize your living space to create a harmonious environment.
  • Open windows to let in fresh air and sunlight, revitalizing the energy flow.


  • Clear your desk of clutter and distractions to enhance focus and productivity.
  • Surround yourself with inspiring images or plants to uplift your mood and creativity.


  • Remove any unnecessary items and vacuum the interior to create a clean and inviting driving environment.
  • Play uplifting music or listen to motivational podcasts during your commute to infuse positive energy into your travels.


  • Nourish your body with nutritious foods and stay hydrated to maintain optimal energy levels.
  • Incorporate regular exercise and movement to invigorate your physical vitality.


  • Practice meditation to quiet the mental chatter and cultivate inner peace.
  • Engage in affirmations and/or visualization techniques to shift your mindset towards abundance and possibilities.


  • Connect with nature through outdoor activities or spending time in green spaces to replenish your spiritual energy.
  • Use nature to ground and balance yourself.
  • Explore various practices align your body, mind, and spirit in harmony.


  • Cleanse your energetic field through practices such as smudging with sage or using crystal healing techniques.
  • Engage in energy healing modalities like Energy Therapies to restore balance and vitality to your subtle energy bodies.

As you “Spring Clean Your Energy”, envision a life filled with vitality, abundance and positivity! By tending to your house, workplace, car, body, mind, spirit and ethereal energy, you’re not just cleaning – you’re elevating your overall well-being! You’ll not only raise your personal frequency but also inspire those around you to do the same!

Need assistance? Reach out to me for an Energy Session or Product. Together we can succeed!

Diane K. Wilson • Energy Therapies

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